Get The Most Value Out of Your Office Scanner With Solution Assist


Get The Most Value Out of Your Office Scanner With Solution Assist

How many times have you gone to a printer, scanner or other device at work, but found you don’t actually know how to use it? Chances are, you’ve had to ask a colleague or your IT department once or twice how to use it because while it looks simple enough to operate, there are just so many features you didn’t even know existed. Not only are you wasting your own valuable time trying to figure out how to work the scanner, but you’re also taking up the time of your colleague or Joe from IT who no doubt has more pressing issues to take care of.

You’re not alone. According to our 2016 Consumer Insights Survey, 1 in 3 people cannot confidently use all of the features on their office devices. While people may believe they can effectively use their office devices, this could be due to the fact they are simply not aware of its capabilities as 71% said they’d never been trained on how to use the office devices.

The good news? There is a simple solution, and it’s called Solution Assist. Read on to find out how you can get better results from your office devices to further improve your productivity with Solution Assist.

What is Solution Assist?

Our goal with Solution Assist is to enable you to have the freedom to do your best work. We achieve this by providing onsite and remote professional support to help you and your team integrate our products into your business.

At this point Solution Assist is only available for our scanning devices, however we will be rolling out this service for our other devices in the near future.

Download the eBook on Scanner DocuMate 3220

Whenever you need help getting the most out of your Fuji Xerox office scanner, you can simply make a reservation with our team at Solution Assist. Whether you need help online or onsite, we can help. If you’d prefer to receive assistance online, you can do so through Solution eAssist. If in-person is more your style, our Onsite team are here and ready to support you. It’s our job to make sure you and your business are up and running as quickly as possible. Every minute of the working day counts, and we want you to have as much time as possible to be productive and efficient in your business.

What you can expect with Solution Assist

At Fuji Xerox Printers, we have a comprehensive support structure. It’s all part of our mission to help businesses be the best they can be. Our eAssist team is comprised of highly trained engineers who are all SCP (Service Capability & Performance) certified and can provide you with remote support at any time. Our eAssist remote support tool allows us to support you quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum disruptions to your business.

Think of Solutions Assist as our team of support engineers who are working “over your shoulder” – yet remotely. It’s a true professional collaborative service and it was created to make your life easier. Our support engineers can connect to your desktop and take you step by step through how to best use your products. Not only that, they can also perform remote software and hardware configurations and run diagnostics.

The result? Your business has access to faster resolutions, greater accuracy and improved productivity. And, if you’d prefer to have a member of our Solutions Assist team visit your office in person, that can also easily be arranged. It can take years to find out how best to use technology, Solution Assist enables your staff to take full advantage of it from day one.

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