4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Genuine Toner


4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Genuine Toner

Your office printer – with its multitude of functionalities and capabilities – not only improves office workflow and overall office efficiency, but with its quality and performance, keeps your business looking professional.

There’s nothing worse than heading into an important meeting and finding that the graphs and images you’ve just printed off are faded, streaked or blurry. It makes your work look like a rush-job and your business look unprofessional. But why does your high-quality printer produce such poor image quality? It may be because you’re using non-genuine toners.

It’s true that printing costs can quickly add up, yet there are simple things you can do to ensure your devices are working at peak performance and that your print jobs always look they were printed by a professional. One of the simplest things you can do is invest in genuine consumables, such as genuine toners.

Have you ever found that you burn through your cartridges, your colours are off and you need to have your device serviced more often than you’d like? It could be because you’re using non-genuine toners. Sourcing cheap consumables is a common tactic businesses use to save money. But the truth is that non-genuine toners cost your business significantly more in the long run. From lower page yield to machine downtime and loss of productivity and the lasting damage to your device, non-genuine toners are infinitely more expensive in the long term and just not worth the ‘cheaper’ outlay.

So what’s the real difference between genuine and non-genuine toner?

Genuine Toner

Genuine toner cartridges – also known as OEM cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – are cartridges that are specifically made by the company that built your printer. OEM toner and cartridges are designed to work with your specific printer, whereas non-genuine or remanufactured cartridges aren’t.

Non-Genuine Toner

Non-genuine toner is created by a third party supplier that claims their toners are ‘compatible’ with certain printers, when in truth, they aren’t. More often than not, non-genuine toners are recycled from used toner cartridges, with parts replaced by lesser quality alternatives.




You’re not really saving anything by using non-genuine toner

One of the biggest reasons people decide to purchase non-genuine toners is because they think it’s saving them money. However, if your non-genuine toner is delivering mediocre print jobs, which don’t accurately represent your value proposition, then what’s the point of saving a few dollars here and there? Poor quality print jobs not only make your work looks less professional, but it likewise may make you look inferior to your competition.

As we said – your printer is an essential part of your business and that means you expect the best quality, performance and reliability from your device. So why opt for something that isn’t genuine? Here are four reasons you need to be using genuine toner and why it’ll benefit your business today and into the future.

1. Sharper image quality

We mentioned before about your print jobs looking professional? They look professional due to the sharp image quality. When you use genuine toner, you get the best possible image quality due to the patented emulsion process technology, which produces smaller toner particles. The result? A stand-out quality appearance that will make everything you print look professional and striking. Genuine toners are also created to prevent problems such as toner leakages, streaking, colour variation and blurred text – things that are all too commonly experienced with non-genuine toners.

2. Rigorously tested

Fuji Xerox toners are rigorously tested with our printers so that you experience incredible quality and operational benefits every time. This decreases the chances of IT-related problems, keeping your office workflow running efficiently and your staff happy. Not only does using genuine toner help to keep your printer more reliable, when you factor in all the objective and subjective costs, it also genuinely provides a lower running cost than non-genuine toner.

3. Easy to use

Nobody wants a toner that’s fiddly or complicated to use. That’s why our genuine toners paired with our printers were designed to be easy to use, safe and clean to handle (no more toner stains on your office suit from fiddly non-genuine toners).

4. Keep your warranty intact

When you opt to use a non-genuine toner and it damages your printer, you are no longer covered under warranty. Genuine Fuji Xerox toners protect your printer and assures coverage under our Fuji Xerox warranty for peace of mind that if something does go wrong while using a genuine toner, your printer is covered.

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