About SOS

SOS Office Equipment is a Western Australian owned and operated company, which was incorporated in Bunbury WA in 1990. The company quickly built a reputation as a quality supplier of office and business equipment and the best service provider in WA’s South West region and the Great Southern. Business increased significantly and word spread so in 1996, SOS opened a branch in Albany WA to service increased demand in that region.

Business Overview

Since 1990, business development has been carefully planned to ensure specific objectives could be achieved. Current and prospective markets were analysed and immediate and perceived needs were identified and subsequently structured into the continuous improvement process. Management and staff can quickly respond to changes and trends in the marketplace and continually assess business capability to meet current and future demand. As new technology is introduced, new equipment is assessed, along with additional product and service lines. Promotion and marketing material is continuously updated and location facilities assessed to ensure they continue to meet company and client requirements. If management and staff need to be trained in new technical skills or management skills, appropriate training is part of the company’s commitment to excellence. Maintaining business image and reputation is paramount in a service industry and SOS continues to set benchmarks in a highly competitive arena.

Needs Analysis

Clients have individual needs and SOS has developed a comprehensive needs analysis that forms part of the initial investigation to identify and match product and services to meet clients’ expectations. Products may need to be demonstrated and performance information supplied before a client feels comfortable with suggested options. SOS firmly believes in complete transparency and looks upon a demonstration as an opportunity to begin a trusted relationship. After the client is completely satisfied, contracts are negotiated and all arrangements are documented.


SOS has two offices in the South West of Western Australia and six fully trained technicians on network devices and stand-alone products. The team provides the highest level of service back up expected from a market-leading supplier of office automation equipment. Technicians carry out all ongoing maintenance of any devices during normal working hours. This single point of call is effective, saves clients’ time and frustration. If an incident happens outside of normal hours the client is requested to call the manufacturer who typically has a 24 hours 7 days a week response. During normal working hours, the SOS service coordinator takes the initial telephone call and tries to “clear” the job. For example, the coordinator may talk the client through clearing a paper jam or a small technical issue like correcting wrong settings in the device. If the job cannot be cleared, it is assigned to a technician. All devices have error codes and these are retrieved from the client and passed on to the technician so he understands the nature of the breakdown before he attends the client’s premises. SOS has an electronic task scheduling systems, which means maintenance calls are sent directly to the technician’s mobile telephone along with any special instructions. If for any reason the technician cannot fix the breakdown, the client is informed of the situation and provided with options to ensure disruption to the client’s workflow is kept to a minimum. The manufacturer is notified and arrangements made for a service technician to either provide instructions over the telephone or to visit the client’s premises. On larger contracts, SOS has a like machine on standby that can be temporarily installed into the client’s premises until the original device is back on line. This two tier maintenance arrangement provides 24 hours 7 days a week assurance that any incidents will be attended to within a specified time.

Project Plan

Larger placements often require project plans to be developed to incorporate all the requirements of an end-to-end delivery. The plan includes, but not limited to: • Identifying client’s current and longer-term needs • Choosing equipment for lease/purchase • Ensuring any software has either been developed or modified • Designing an installation program • Arranging training • Running tests • Developing a maintenance program if required. If the client has several facility locations and devices are required in more than one, then SOS installs one or more machines in a single location, conducts tests to get everything running correctly and simply sets all the other machines up the same and they are installed progressively. This ensures after installation, clients have the least amount of down time as possible.


Customer service, attention to detail, knowledgeable staff with a can-do attitude and fit for purpose equipment has set SOS apart from its competitors. The company has high standards to ensure all staff are experienced and have outstanding technical skills. Personal and professional presentation of staff is considered a business asset. Clients appreciate consistent products and service, which is reflected in the growth of the business. The company has established arrangements with all major suppliers and this provides clients with assurance that products are reliable, perform to requirements and are supported with after sales service. SOS uses strict selection criteria when assessing products and suppliers to ensure only the best becomes part of the company’s offering. Warranties on new products and selected Service Agreements are also assessed, as these are part of the client’s purchasing experience. The company retains control over the purchase of all products and services and clients benefit from this rigorous process.

How we work.

1 Clients expect product consultants who can provide the whole package. Someone who can assess their needs, provide recommended and alternative options and be a one-stop solution to all their printing, photocopying, data storage and operational needs. Managing an account is an end-to-end process from initially analysing a client’s requirements, assessing their individual and network needs to understanding cost implications and cost recovery strategies.

2 Your decision to invest in our products ensures that your business enjoys the highest standards in technology. To maximise uptime and business productivity, we offer a comprehensive range of support options so that from the moment of installation, you receive optimum performance from your new solution.

3 We define clear contract governance, which ensures that our contracts are clearly understood by all parties, so there is no confusion, and no nasty surprises. Good contract governance is about the delivery of business benefits, well managed services, and a strong customer-supplier relationship.