4 Things Your Printer Should Be Doing For Your Business Beyond Print, Copy, Scan, Email & Fax


4 Things Your Printer Should Be Doing For Your Business Beyond Print, Copy, Scan, Email & Fax

Gone are the days when small business used printers just for – well – printing. And thanks to the advances in printing technology, these days the modern printer does so much more than just print, copy, scan, email and fax. Through multifunction printing devices, you can connect to Wi-Fi, enhance document security and automate manual document workflow. In this article, we are going to show you at how the modern printer can benefit your small business in more ways than just printing.


1. Improve productivity with wireless printing 

Wireless printing has changed the way small businesses work. At its most basic, wireless printing means you can print from an electronic device without having to physically connect a wire to the printer. All you need to do is set up your printer, connect it to Wi-Fi and print. Easy!

Wireless printing is an incredibly innovative technology that allows you and your employees to work in a highly flexible manner – which is essential for succeeding in the digital era. For example, if you or your employees use your mobile devices often, Wi-Fi Direct allows you to directly connect to the wireless printer by peer-to-peer connection so you can print without a wireless access point or router.

Wireless printing is also a lot more productive than traditional printing. With the amount of email, documents and online information we access via our phones, it is exceptionally easier for managers, employees and contractors to wirelessly print from wherever they may be working. And, there’s no need to waste time by connecting cables and installing hardware. Wireless printing shouldn’t just be an option for your small business, it should be  essential.


2. Boost employee morale with mobile printing

1 in 3 Australians regularly work from home or away from the office. Today’s ‘office’ has evolved to include the home, local coffee shop or airport – to meet the growing demand for people to work at a time that fits in with their lifestyle and other commitments. This is why it’s important your business is prepared for mobile employment. Just think about how productivity could significantly increase if your employees didn’t have to waste time transitioning work from their mobile devices to a computer for printing purposes.

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3. Keep Confidential Documents Secure

Document security should be a high priority of any small business, so it is no surprise to learn that 60.2% of SMEs are concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of documents when printing (Fuji Xerox Printers Consumer Insights Survey 2016). Did you know that Australian businesses are the second most likely in the world to experience a malicious or criminal data breach? If confidential information is leaked during a breach, your business could risk damaging its reputation and losing valuable business.

You might be wondering how a printer can help keep confidential documents secure – and the answer is SecurePrint. When respondents were asked in our Consumer Insights survey if they have ever seen confidential information left at the printer, 24.3% of respondents said they had. Though this is a serious problem, the good news is it’s a preventable one too. The easiest and most effective solution is investing in a multifunction printer that has advanced security features. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporate or a small firm – with secure printing, you can stop confidential information being read by the wrong people with SecurePrint. Essentially, this feature requires users to enter a personal ID number before the documents print. Furthermore, Fuji Xerox Printers have a range of additional security features in our multifunction printers to heighten your document security. These include:

  • Authentication: instead of typing a personal ID number authorised staff can use their security card to release print jobs so they can Tap ’n’ Go.
  • Access: define your own rules on what documents can and can’t be printed and who can print them.
  • Auditron: prevent unauthorised copying outside of business hours (perhaps by cleaning staff) by asking all users to type a PIN prior to getting access to the device.


4. Automate Manual Document Workflow

Running a small business is tough work, meaning every minute of the working day counts. Nobody in the office should be wasting time by carrying out routine tasks such as scanning and faxing. The Fuji Xerox Smart@Work SMART Series can be programmed to make repetitive tasks easier with the touch of the button. For example, you can complete multiple faxes, printouts and scans in a matter of seconds. Usually, these kinds of tasks would need to be processed manually, taking whoever was tasked with the job hours. Not only does our SMART Series automate repetitive tasks, the devices can also minimise the risk of human error by automating complicated and lengthy manual processes.


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