4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from The Modern Printer


4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from The Modern Printer

When you think of the word ‘printer’, what springs to mind? Perhaps you think of a big, boxy piece of technology that takes up space in the office but is necessary for your workplace. Or maybe you think of a device that scans, copies and prints, but not much else. While this might be the case for older printers, these days, the modern printer is far more powerful than it has ever been. Because there is so much to be said about how your small business can benefit from the modern printer, we are going to jump right in and get to it. We are going to focus in particular on the features of our incredibly innovative SMARTSeries, which offers a range of amazing printing solutions and the same benefits as a large multifunctional device, but at a fraction of the cost and footprint. Here are four ways the modern printer can help you run a more efficient and profitable small business.


1. Protect Your Documents with Server-less On Demand Printing

The traditional printer is no longer what it once was. Perhaps one of the greatest features of the modern printer is its security capabilities. Did you know Australian companies are the second most likely in the world to experience a malicious or criminal data breach, with an average of 34,249 documents compromised during a breach? Not only could a data breach risk damaging your company’s reputation, but it could likewise cost you valuable business.

That’s why our SMARTSeries printers offer the option of Server-less On-Demand printing in order to stop confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands after printing. How it works is that documents are sent from a user’s desktop computer, Android or iOS device to a virtual printer queue, which can release the print job to any other SMARTSeries multifunction device on your office network. However, before the documents can be printed, they require authentication at the device via login details, ID card or PIN. This means the only person who can access the print job is the person who printed it, keeping documents safe and secure and in the right persons’ hands.

The ability to release your print job on any device not only secures your printing, it also enables your staff to be productive and mobile, collecting prints from any workgroup printer located on any floor, in any building, or in any State.


2. Digitise Important Documents and Turn Them into Searchable PDFs

Every office has that one (or two) filing cabinets that are full to the brim with invoices, bills, receipts, HR documents, contracts and the like. Yet if a document is urgently needed, it could take hours for someone to work through that filing cabinet to find the right document. You might be thinking: well, why don’t you just scan the files and store them online? That’s a good thought, but in the past, digitising documents was a labour intensive project for employees who could have been using that time to do more efficient and useful tasks.

Yet these concerns are all a thing of the past thanks to multifunction devices that can digitise documents instantly and retrieve them at the click of the button. The searchable pdf option on the SMARTSeries printers will automatically OCR (optical character recognition) the scanned document so you can CTRL-F any document and simply search for it by keyword.

You’re not only automating workflow and improving productivity, you’re also doing your bit to help the environment by taking your business online and reducing paper wastage!


3. Improve Your Bottom Line with Capture, Monitor and Control

According to our Fuji Xerox Office Printing Habits Report, printing costs can account for up to 4% of revenue for 90% of SMEs. While printing is a necessity for keeping your small business running as organised and efficiently as possible, the costs of running it can quickly add up and influence your bottom line. However, the truth is companies actually spend more than what they need to on printing all because they don’t know how to control and reduce costs. Excessive printing comes down to a few issues, like: unnecessary printing, personal printing, lack of training or outsourcing colour printing.

Our 2016 Consumer Insight’s Survey showed 23% of office workers say that the cost of printing frustrates them most when it comes to printing in the office. The good news? The modern printer can help you cut printing costs and ultimately improve your bottom line. How? With capture, monitor and control (CMC). CMC software allows you to create business rules to minimise office printing costs. For example, you can set your default device settings to mono and duplex printing. You can also put printing quotas or limits in place to cap and control printing costs. You can read more about CMC and how it works here.

Download Our Guide On the Smart Series Capture Monitor Control

4. Automate Workflow and Improve Staff Productivity

Today’s workforce moves at lightning pace and every minute of the working day is valuable. Nobody has time to get a second cup of coffee let alone carry out menial tasks like scanning and faxing. Enter: the modern printer. Our SMARTSeries range can be programmed to make repetitive tasks almost obsolete – all you need to do is touch one button! For example, multiple emails, faxes, printouts and scans can be completed in seconds, leaving staff with time to do more important jobs. In the past, these sorts of tasks would have been processed manually, taking up hours of an employee’s valuable time.

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