5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Boost Your Small Business Productivity


5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Boost Your Small Business Productivity

With 2017 officially underway, it’s time to think about our plans for the year ahead and, of course, what we can do to reach our goals. When asked what they would like to improve about their professional lives, most people (and especially those in the C-Suite) have the same answer: “profits and productivity”. Indeed, with so many opportunities and so little time to turn them into reality, increased productivity is on everyone’s mind.

At Fuji Xerox our goal is to help your business become more productive and profitable, offering practical business solutions that can turn your goals into a reality. So we thought we’d share some of our findings and secrets with you.

Here’s to a more productive year for us all:


1. In 2017 I Will Adopt The Cloud

According to a recent survey, companies that invested in collaboration technologies like cloud computing increased their productivity by as much as 400%. It may sound like a lot, but just think about how much time the average employee spends doing repetitive and non-strategic tasks like searching for certain documents, running to and from the printer, asking colleagues about a certain presentation and so on.

Cloud computing makes all these tasks obsolete; with every relevant document stored in the cloud, employees can access them quickly and without any hassle. Plus, if you opt for a printer that’s is connected to the cloud, like the DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z, your employees can send printing tasks from literally anywhere, anytime. Even better, they can print on the go, from mobile devices and without installing any apps or drivers.


2. In 2017 I Will Invest In Wireless Printing

If you can still see queues near the printer in your office, then it’s high time you thought about adopting wireless printing. Your employees won’t have to waste any more time standing near a printer; they can simply add a printing task and collect their job in their own time. Better yet, you no longer have to contend with those pesky cables,  you can now place the printer anywhere you want. Last, but not least, with wireless printing, anyone can connect a laptop or a computer easily and move around the office.


3. In 2017 I Will Introduce On-demand Printing

On-demand printing allows your staff to send a printing command to any printer in the network. The files will not be printed right away; instead, when the employee has the time, they can walk to the nearest printer, insert their unique PIN and print the documents. This can be very helpful during a meeting or for employees that spend a lot of time outside the office, like real estate agents or sales reps.


4. In 2017 I Will Only Use Genuine Consumables

While generic toners may be appealing because of their friendly price, remember that using poor quality toner can damage your printer and keep it out of commission until a repair team can get to it. Often they are recycled from a used ink cartridge, with parts and inks replaced by lower quality substitutes. Some non-genuine toners and cartridges are built new, but made from lower quality components and inks.

Although manufacturers claim that non-genuine toners and cartridges are compatible with certain printers, it’s not a guarantee, and they are more susceptible to faults and failure, and produce lower quality print outs and lower page yields that are prone to smudging. They are also prone to leakage and failure, and can damage your printer and void its warranty.

If you care about your company’s productivity, use genuine Fuji Xerox genuine consumables for all your printers – this way, your employees can rely on every printer in the building to do the job right the first time around!


5. In 2017 I Will Finally Upgrade My A3 Printer

First impressions count and well-presented, accurate documents have the potential to make or break a business opportunity. This is especially true for companies that rely on detailed drawings, large spreadsheets or complex graphs to better communicate with customers and keep staff updated on important information affecting the business.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that A3 printers are beyond the realm of affordability for smaller businesses and are too bulky for tight office spaces. With advancements in modern printing technology, this is no longer the case.

Visual communication is becoming increasingly important in today’s fast paced business environment, with research showing that people remember 80 per cent of what they see or do, compared to just 10 per cent of what they hear.

For those that deal with complex information, investing in an A3 printer can deliver significant improvements to how customers and staff experience your product or service.

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