7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Upgrade To An A3 Printer


7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Upgrade To An A3 Printer

There’s an old saying that goes: bigger is better. Which is mostly true (unless you’re referring to your waistline or credit card debt, of course).

When it comes to printing however, there are reams of evidence to suggest that bigger is indeed better: particularly when it comes to A3 printers. Once seen as a business luxury, A3 printing is now a necessity that costs less than you think.

Let’s examine some of the reasons why you should upgrade to an A3 printer.

Science Tells Us That People Love A3

According to research conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire, small businesses appear 13% more professional, 21% more successful and 12% bigger when using A3 visuals, compared with using A4. Furthermore, he found that customers are 18% more likely to buy from a company using A3, as opposed to A4, printed materials.

Wireless A3 Printing Is The Way Of The Future

Despite modern innovations, printing is still a key part of core business. In many workplaces contracts, HR forms, invoices, receipts and various paperwork must still be printed and filed in hard copy. Staff work across multiple locations and timezones, in between office floors and while commuting. There is an increasing need for printing technology to keep pace with the rise of mobile.

Wireless printing has become the modern solution, offering employees and mobile device users the option to print from their mobile device through a wi-fi network.

Sales data reveals that businesses have recognised the need for a printing solution that matches the working preferences of its staff. The sales of Fuji Xerox wireless laser printers are expected to grow to 50% by the end of 2016, up from 2.9% in 2009 – a growth rate of more than 1600%

That trend is set to continue. Research shows that 83% of workplaces are interested in developing mobile printing capability, yet only 14% of them have implemented wireless printing of some capacity in their office. Of those, 40% of office workers can connect their smartphones or tablets to the wi-fi in their offices, but only 29% can print from their mobile device.

Of those who can’t print from their mobile device, 41% wish that they could. Interestingly, over two thirds of those respondents were people aged 29 or younger. It means that a large section of Australia’s future workforce has a desire to access wireless printing while at work. It’s an important indicator that wireless will be a key player in the future of A3 printing.

Keep Costs Under Control

A major benefit to producing your own professional quality A3 documents in-house is that it can cost as little as $5.00 per day (which includes the device, a supply of consumables, and warranty). This is a considerable saving when compared with engaging the services of a professional printer.

It Keeps Your Employees Happy And Productive

The Customer Always Comes First, or so the saying goes. And for a long time, this philosophy has dominated the corporate culture of businesses around the world. But the trouble with this sentiment is that it was conceived at a time before LinkedIn became a talent hunting ground, before rampant freelancing and before the global marketplaces allowed people to make lucrative incomes from activities previously considered hobbies.

Alarmingly, a 2014 study conducted by Towers Watson revealed that Australian workers are more disengaged from work than their overseas counterparts.

But the solution can be as simple as upgrading your technology – even if it’s something as simple as a printer. Research suggests that 37% of SME staff lose up to two hours per week on printing related issues. Fuji Xerox A3 printing technology can reduce common frustrations faced by staff in the SME sector.

Boost Brand Awareness

Have you ever thought about creating those beautiful posters, infographics, or full page colour proposals that you just can’t print with your A4 format printer? Maybe you would like to have more control over your A3 assets by moving your print projects in-house, but think it might be too expensive?

Print technology has come a long way in recent years, and today, any small businesses can now access reliable and affordable A3 printing in-house. When customers see your marketing and other printed material, you are introducing yourself and showing them what to expect from you. The quality of your printed materials should reflect the quality of your business, product or service. It will continue to ‘sell’ your company long after your sales person has left the room.

Today’s A3 Printers Can Protect Your Sensitive Data

Australian companies are the second–most likely in the world to experience a malicious or criminal data breach, with an average of 34,249 records compromised during a breach. If sensitive information is leaked during a data breach, your organisation could risk damaging its reputation and losing valuable business.

Documents printed in the workplace can often contain sensitive data such as financial, legal, health, or proprietary business information. Securing privileged data, stored on or printed by, a multifunction device is a priority for all organisations that deal with sensitive information.

Fuji Xerox’s A3 printers and multifunction devices contain a broad range of security features that have been tested by independent security organisations. Built–in functions such as disc encryption and image overwriting are designed to protect data that is stored on the device’s hard disk.

All data stored on our devices is encrypted to ensure your documents are protected from access by unauthorised users. The image overwrite feature completely ’overwrites’ all traces of any documents stored on the hard disk.

A3 Printers (and other multifunction devices) Are Completely Tax Deductible (…for now)

As if you need any extra incentive to keep your profits out of the tax-man’s pocket. But the current tax breaks for SMEs makes purchasing new office supplies and equipment to the value of $20,000 a complete tax write-off. That printer you desperately need for the new office? It’s completely tax deductible – but only for a short time.

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