Are legacy processes killing your productivity?


Are legacy processes killing your productivity?

Did you know that legacy processes are costing your business money and causing significant disruptions to efficiency?

A case study commissioned by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia has found that 72% of customers reporting problems while completing a transaction in the last 12 months was due to paper and manual processing errors. This is proven to damage reputation, in fact, 56% of people feel that companies who require them to complete paper forms are outdated — with almost a third of all customers seeing paper as an inconvenience.


When you consider the manual nature of workflows in general, such as filing or archiving it comes as no surprise that switching to a digital process can significantly boost productivity. In fact, A study by Unit 4 revealed that globally, office workers spend 69 days a year on administrative tasks, costing companies $5 trillion a year.

Automation can help to streamline menial tasks and ultimately boost productivity and a business’ bottom line.

Improve productivity with workflow automation

Developing a workflow automation strategy is about more than simply translating your paper to digital, it means enabling a 360-degree view of document transactions. With complete visibility, businesses can be more efficient and make better decisions both for their staff and customers.

By digitising and automating predominantly paper-based processes like contract lifecycle management, digital approval and signature solutions businesses can improve the speed, efficiency, visibility and compliance of document management across the organisation.

Some other benefits include:

  • Compliance
    Many industries such as insurance, accounting and legal to name a few require document proof for compliance reasons. Without the ability to digitally track the age of a document, it’s extremely difficult to ensure compliance — such as when it’s necessary to destroy such a document after its regulatory timeframe is up.
    Compliance can be challenging when paper-based management methods are used. It’s an area where digital management methods have  a major advantage – allowing checks to be integrated into daily workflows.
  • Security
    As more parts of a business goes digital, more communication takes place outside the current remit of security best practices. Physical documents can be intercepted, viewed, duplicated or altered by a third party which poses significant security risks.
  • Space
    Favouring more flexible, remote staff working arrangements, many companies are looking to reduce their office footprint. Storage of papers documents can take up significant, otherwise unrequired space.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Without the ability to back-up paper records or store them digitally, documents in storage are vulnerable to unforeseen damage — such as from a fire, flood, mould — where their loss would be permanent.
  • Access & Retrieval
    Traditional filing systems are costly and inaccessible – more so when using off-site services or for employees requiring access when working from home. Without a searchable, digital index, maintaining filing systems and finding a specific piece of information from a record — sometimes from decades ago — is incredibly time-consuming.


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