Business Tools To Help You Plan for a Successful 2017


Business Tools To Help You Plan for a Successful 2017

The Westpac-Melbourne Institute SME Index, which examines the economic health of Australian small and medium sized enterprises, has revealed a significant improvement in business confidence heading into 2017.

Westpac’s General Manager of SME Business Bank, Julie Rynski said, “The strong increase in business sentiment is a burst of good news as we move into a new year.

“Interestingly, our SME Index found one in three SMEs with an end-of-year strategy are feeling more optimistic than those without. From those surveyed this quarter, more than half have no strategy in place for the holiday season, so now is a critical time for businesses to plan ahead and remain in control, to continue the upward trend in 2017,” said Rynski.

Whether you’re feeling optimistic about the year ahead, or feel as though you’ve got some work to do to match the promising forecast, Fuji Xerox has the tools and devices to help make 2017 your best year yet. Here’s some suggestions:


Cloud Services Hub

With the Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub you can print various types of file formats such as Microsoft Office stored in your cloud service or send scanned data to the cloud – simply and securely. The single sign-on feature gives users Smart@Work One Touch secure access to your web apps in the cloud – via your PC or mobile device or your multifunction printer.

Better yet, AirPrint and Google Cloud Print enabled devices allows you to print directly from your mobile device without the need to download mobile apps or to install print drivers. Perfect for your mobile business.


Improved In-store Signage and Point of Sale

Point of sale is undergoing a major transformation, and retailers need to update processes and technologies to match the buying habits and preferences of modern customers. Smartphone and tablet-based mobile point-of sale (mPOS) terminals will handle 20 percent of all retail transaction value by 2021 and the use of mPOS systems will account for more than 1 in 3 POS terminals by 2021.

The exciting news is now retailers can have the tools to create vivid in-store signage, with access to printers that can bring their creations to life.

This is where the Fuji Xerox Printers SMART Series and ColorQube range of printers has delivered a powerful solution.

Find out how Fuji Xerox Printers is helping SignIQ customers create tickets, labels and signs that are grabbing the attention of customers at point of sale, influencing their purchasing decisions and driving sales.


A3 Printers

According to recent research, small businesses appear 13% more professional, 21% more successful and 12% bigger when using A3 visuals, compared with using A4. Furthermore, he found that customers are 18% more likely to buy from a company using A3, as opposed to A4, printed materials.

Accuracy and readability are crucial when developing visual communications materials, especially when it comes to legal or technical documents. Minor errors, whether they are incorrect numbers or a missed word, may incur significant costs in the long run. In addition, poorly presented materials may compromise your professionalism and reputation.

For those that deal with complex information, investing in an A3 printer can deliver significant improvements to how customers and staff experience your product or service.


Colour Printers

In a crowded market, the quality of your media says a lot about your company and your brand. Your professionalism, attention to detail, even attitude to clients and projects – many things can be implied from your client-facing assets.

When it comes to communicating your ideas and concepts with clients and potential customers, colour does matter.

Research makes a compelling case for the use of colour printing. A survey conducted by Xerox concluded that:

  • 76% of people say they can find information faster if presented in colour
  • 69% of people understand new ideas better when presented in colour
  • 54% of people are more likely to read a document or marketing piece if it’s presented in colour
  • 43% of people are more likely to pay a bill on time if the due date if highlighted in colour
  • 31% of people are more likely to pay the full amount due if highlighted in colour

The statistics show that colour printing can deliver startling results while enhancing your professional image. It’s time to think of colour printing as an asset with the potential to deliver significant ROI.


Genuine Consumables

Australia’s small business sector is growing. Startups and small enterprises account for about a third of Australia’s local production and half of the employment of the private sector. Recent figures also suggest that small businesses account for 97% of all business ventures in Australia.

Yet despite the relatively strong economy, statistics indicate that cost pressures are still a problem for most small businesses. Many business owners are managing resources with tighter budgets and smaller profit margins, and only 40% will make it through their first three years.

In turbulent financial times it’s natural for business owners to look to save money and cut costs around their operations.

But some initiatives that may appear like cost-cutting are actually corner-cutting in disguise. The use of non-genuine printer consumables is one such measure.

Sourcing cheaper consumables such as toners is one of the most common tactics businesses use to save money. Many are lured by the cheap shelf price and promises of ‘compatibility’ with their Fuji Xerox device.

The lower page yield, susceptibility to damage and leakage, machine downtime and loss of productivity — not to mention the lasting damage to your device — make non-genuine toners a more expensive and costly long term option.

Far from a cost, genuine printer consumables should be seen as a wise investment for any small business. From greater reliability, improved performance, increased productivity and vastly improved longevity, using genuine toners and consumables offers your business greater value for money when compared to cheaper generic options.

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