Commemorating the Anzac Day: The Legends of Australia and New Zealand


Commemorating the Anzac Day: The Legends of Australia and New Zealand

Anzac Day, commemorated on the 25th of April each year is one of our country’s most important national occasions.

When war broke out in 1914, our young country had only been a federated nation for 13 years. Our government was keen to create a good reputation among the other nations of the world. Thus, we joined the world’s key nations in a fight for good.

We all know the story. How could we possibly forget? When the Australian and New Zealand forces landed on Gallipoli, they were met with brutal resistance. They had been knocked down before they had even begun. What was planned as a bold mission to blow Turkey out of WWI quickly became standoff that continued for eight months.

As 1915 drew to a close, the allied forces were removed from Gallipoli, with both sides having suffered great loss and serious hardship. Over 102,000 valiant Australians died in the campaign. They died protecting our country. They died so that we could have a future.

To this day, Gallipoli has had a deep and lasting impact on our country. That’s why on 25 April every year, we commemorate the immense sacrifice of those died in the war. Even on this momentous day, the best of us find it difficult to define the true essence of the word “Anzac”. How can we find the right words and do justice to the countless lives lost during that fateful campaign?

Despite the fact the Gallipoli campaign failed, the brave and heroic actions of the Australian and New Zealand forces during the campaign left a formidable legacy. What transpired on that ill-fated day on Gallipoli soon became known as the Anzac Legend, which is now one of the most important parts of the two nations’ identities. It has forever shaped the way both Australian and New Zealand viewed their past and their future.

At SOS, we are thankful for the bravery and courage our soldiers displayed in the face of adversity and hardship. Without them, our country wouldn’t be the same. On this day, we want to recognise the adversities our servicemen and women endured and continue to endure today. We’d also like to pay tribute to the families who support them.

There are four key words that embody the Anzac spirit: courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice. These values are what sustain us and move us forward and we have the ANZACs to thank for showing us the true meaning of resilience, hope and fortitude.

Lest we forget.

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