Fuji Xerox Printers and Storata Digital Solutions Working Together To Digitise Healthcare


Fuji Xerox Printers and Storata Digital Solutions Working Together To Digitise Healthcare

As Australian Healthcare Week 2017 gets underway, Fuji Xerox Printers and IT Systems Integration leader Storata Digital Solutions are working together to help revolutionise the healthcare industry by combining affordable filmless imaging, efficient radiology workflow and digital cloud based solutions.

The two companies will create opportunities to help digitise healthcare at a time when imaging centres are looking to reduce costs and improve their patient experience.

The partnership gives imaging centres better access to technology that allows them to print diagnostic images in high resolution colour to paper, rather than film, and digitally share DICOM images with referring physicians.

This is perfect timing with Healthcare Week 2017 focusing on digital healthcare and adapting to the diagnostic and collaboration solutions of the future.


Cost Savings and Productivity Benefits

Healthcare today still relies on hard copy film for communication between the patients and referring physicians. Instead of relying on expensive film, diagnostic images such as X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds and other medical images can be printed directly to paper rather than film. One of the significant benefits is cost savings, imaging centres can save up to 80% with filmless printing. An added bonus is that colour print outs can be printed with the imaging centre’s logo for branding and marketing purposes.

Improving The Patient Experience

The days of hanging onto and storing old X-Rays are over. With the emergence of new technology, patients are now expecting a different type of experience from the medical sector — diagnostic imaging is no different.

It’s a major advancement for digital healthcare, allowing patients to have immediate, high resolution paper-based colour print outs that they can take to their referring physician or GP. The images can also be digitally shared and integrated with other physicians’ systems providing access to the full range of diagnostic tools right on the physicians’ desktop.

Better yet, the paper print outs can be folded, annotated and mailed in no time while the images can be uploaded to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, making them easy to save and retrieve for future consultations. The Cloud integration also means that diagnostic images can be accessed via smartphone or tablet, and patients will be able to have online access to their digital images via a patient portal

Fuji Xerox Printers’ General Manager of Channels for Asia Pacific David Borg said that working together with Storata Digital Solutions was a new opportunity for healthcare professionals to leverage digital solutions.

“Teaming up with Storata is a natural progression for Fuji Xerox Printers, with our focus on providing customer solutions, we are now able to incorporate Storata’s industry expertise in making IT solutions accessible to small and large business,” he said.

“Our focus is always on the customer who wants to save money, increase productivity and efficiency in the office, this translates easily into Health Care at a time when digital solutions offer new opportunities,” he said.

“We are the fastest growing value print brand in the market, our growth and success has been built around recognising the requirements of our customers in a number of fields.”

“We’re always striving to deliver innovative solutions and this partnership with Storata Digital Solutions will provide healthcare professionals with efficient, cost-effective solutions that improve their patients’ experience. It means that imaging centres and other service providers in the healthcare ecosystemcan enjoy unprecedented levels of functionality and efficiency.”

Director of Storata Digital Solutions Adam Fudeh said the combination of Storata’s DICOMJet print engine and Fuji Xerox Printers hardware effectively replaces the old, dry DICOM film printers for most modalities. “As a CE & FDA listed, Class I DICOM Compliant, Medical Device, only the Storata DICOM Print Engine has the richest feature set to produce near diagnostic quality images with a pixel by pixel representation of a full DICOM image. And it is the only DICOM engine which possesses the broadest suite of workflow tools giving imaging centres granular control over all modalities as well as the finest image manipulation tools available today.”

“Offering a high performing full DICOM compliant solution on a web-based architecture, cross platform compatibility and support for a wide range of devices, will give the modern physician anywhere, anytime access to data, driving productivity to new heights. With a growing and ageing population, coupled with data growing at an exponential rate, today’s radiographers and sonographers are challenged to keep up with the sheer volume of imaging requests to deliver timely and accurate reporting to the referring physician. By introducing end to end web based productivity tools for imaging centres, the suite of Storata Digital Solutions will save them time and money.”

“Paper hard copies of medical images are the most immediate, effective and comfortable means of communication for the patient and referring physician, when coupled with the diagnostic report,” Adam explains. “This solution maintains that communications channel, but makes it faster, more intelligible, more effective and much cheaper. It also fully integrates with the Office 365 Suite, representing efficiencies and economies of scale right through the business, from the consulting suite to the reception and administrative teams.”

“With unprecedented levels of investment in research and development, the team at Storata Digital Solutions are bringing cutting edge technologies such as deep learning algorithms, 3D volume rendering, cognitive intelligence and advanced digital medical records management to market at an accelerated rate. This is a great opportunity to work with Fuji Xerox Printers and we’re really excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring.” Adam concludes.

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