How Cloud Based Business Solutions Keep SMEs Efficient And Competitive

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How Cloud Based Business Solutions Keep SMEs Efficient And Competitive

Gone are the days when employees were office-bound from nine to five. Today, more and more businesses of all sizes have realised that employee mobility can increase revenue, boost employee productivity and even reduce costs. For instance, why have a huge office space if most of your staff is made of sales reps or tradies whose job is mostly in the field?

Smart phones, tablets, laptops – even in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) systems, apps and the cloud are just a few tools that help small businesses stay competitive in their industry and keep their workforce mobile. Employees can collaborate, share documents and even attend meetings from a distance. With less time spent returning to the office and more time to focus on truly important tasks, everybody wins – employer and employees alike.

Still, there are some things that even mobile workforces need an office for. One of these tasks is printing – indispensable for real estate agents, sales reps and even tradies who need to print quotes, plans, invoices and essential business paperwork. Luckily, the latest technology makes printing faster, more user-friendly and simpler.

Mobile printing with the NFC technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Using this technology, you can send a print job from your NFC-enabled mobile device to your office printer wherever you are. Don’t worry, it won’t print hours ahead of your arrival. In fact, it will do so only at the optimal moment: when your mobile device is in close proximity to the printer so that you can grab your print-job and go.

The latest generation of Fuji Xerox printers combines NFC with Apple AirPrint and Google CloudPrint which gives you more flexibility and convenience. Better yet, services such as Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub allow you to print any document from the cloud or scan directly to the cloud. Completed by a user-friendly search function, such services give all your employees unparalleled access to data and information anytime, anywhere.

Cloud 9: Business solutions that make you more efficient

Cloud-based printing allows staff working offsite to securely print documents back at the office, so the document is ready and waiting for them as soon as they walk in. The Cloud also allows you to avoid frantic fussing about getting a document printed five minutes before your staff meeting because you were held up in an offsite appointment.

The cloud has made it easier for your remote sales rep, or a manager who travels frequently, to print from their smart phone, tablet or laptop from outside the office. This functionality reduces the number of printers needed, and improves efficiency as people can print when it suits them.

So if you forget to print a boarding pass, or a presentation with the DocuPrint 315 Series you can now print while out of the office, traveling between meetings or from home. Similarly, a remote sales rep can send his weekly sales report to the office printer so the Sales Manager has it ready for the weekly sales meeting back in the office.

Better yet, the Smart@Work One Touch feature allows you to program a single button to perform the tasks you need more frequently: printing, copying, faxing, emailing and/or scanning. You can reduce repetitive tasks to a single touch and customise your panel so that it reflects each employee’s preferences. It’s simple, it’s convenient and it’s incredibly fast.

Even more, if you combine the Smart@Work One Touch technology with cloud access, then you can reduce the time your sales reps or agents spend on repetitive tasks to a minimum – no more mistakes, no more lost files and folders.

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