How Much Does A Quality A3 Printer and Copier Cost?


How Much Does A Quality A3 Printer and Copier Cost?

Building and managing a small business has many challenges. Arguably, one of greatest is managing cashflow. Finding ways to meet the costs of winning more business and delivering your product or service, without spending more than is necessary, is a perennial headache.

Compounding this challenge is the emergence of new technologies that add a layer of complexity for anyone who manages the finances of a small business. This rapid evolution in technology and the constantly changing landscape can make it hard to differentiate between the advancements that need immediate investment and those that can wait.

Technology that is always worth immediate investment is printing and multifunction devices. Its ability to affect everything from your branding and corporate image to your office productivity and profit margins makes printing a key component of managing a small business.

The building and construction industry is no exception. By nature it is a high-pressure industry heavily reliant on advanced printing technology to win new clients and effectively communicate the plans, schematics and drawings that are the foundation of their business.

In this article we help small businesses in the construction industry understand how A3 laser printing can help them win new business, optimise their processes and be a wise investment in the productivity and efficiency of their business.

1. Winning New Business

We recently interviewed John Mallia from Impala Kitchens on why he needed to invest in an A3 printer for his business, and how he settled on a device that suited his needs.

When discussing why he chose the DocuCentre SC2020, he emphasised branding, image quality, reliability and the need to empower designers to captivate customers as key factors in convincing him to upgrade.

“It was unreliable, it was slow, it would run out of ink in no time,” John recalled of Impala’s previous printing technology. “The quality of the print would deteriorate at least once a fortnight. Having a machine that fails for a number of reasons whether it be the quality, lack of speed or whatever else is frustrating.”

Impala prides itself on quality, from concept through to delivery.  Yet sub-standard printing and copying was sending the wrong message to prospective clients who couldn’t visualise the bold and creative ideas designers were trying to communicate on paper.

Impala turned to Fuji Xerox to help install an A3 colour printing solution that could deliver high quality print outs with the wow factor his designers and customers were looking for.

“It’s a very good machine, both for copying and printing,” John says. “It prints instantly and copies well. The designers have said that the quality is incredible compared to what they’re used to. And they’re very proud to present that to their clients.”

Read the full customer story here

A3 Colour Printing

2. Optimising Your Processes

Growing your business relies on establishing internal systems that allow you to scale and grow your business. Efficient internal processes give you the ability to take on new and larger clients.

This is where a desktop A3 printer can be a powerful tool. Just some of the benefits can include:

Better use of office space

Did you know that A3 printers are also available as desktop printers? A desktop device can free up valuable office space, and allow multiple printers to be placed closer to individual teams and workgroups. Rather than relying on a central printing room, employees can access a printer at arms-length.

Why is that important? If placing a device close to each workgroup saves staff walking more than 10 steps to the printer, it will save the company, on average, $50 a month per person in productivity gains.

Print and scan from mobile devices

With the rapid growth in Australia’s mobile workforce, mobile printing will be a key feature of efficient and productive small businesses.

Mobile printing means your staff can print web pages, photos, emails and more, directly from their mobile devices. They can also scan documents and send them directly to a mobile device from the printer.


Any new device needs to come with the guarantee that it can withstand the rigours of the modern office.  Look for an A3 printer that has advanced technology features that will reduce paper jams and mechanical failure.


 3. Understanding Investment and Total Cost

Research from our 2016 Consumer Insights Report showed that almost 70% of respondents considered ‘ongoing costs’ as the major factor when deciding to purchase a printer, compared with 57% who stated ‘initial cost’ as their main criteria.

This research reveals that more people are aware that they need to consider more than just purchase price when buying a printer. Ongoing costs of consumables and the device’s impact on overall business productivity and efficiency are more important.

When looking for the ongoing costs of running your printer, this is what you should consider:

Efficient toners

Toners such as the EA-Eco Toner use low-melt technology operating at 20 degrees lower than conventional toners, saving energy and wastage.

Low running costs

Modern devices should come with as few components as possible. The market leading S-LED print head for example has fewer moving parts than a conventional laser printer, ensuring ultra-quiet operation, reduced energy usage and a high level of operational reliability.

ENERGY STAR compliant

Always look for a printer’s ENERGY STAR rating. A device that meets ENERGY STAR compliance guidelines has been tested to ensure it meets industry standards for energy efficiency, which is an important factor in reducing long-term operational costs.

Managed Print Services

Industry research highlights that the costs of total document output can be as much as 6 percent of your total annual revenue. If not managed correctly, printing can present a significant financial drain to your business.

Managed Print Services are a long-term support option covering consumables, maintenance and servicing. In fact, the Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services can reduce ongoing printing costs by up to 30%.

To learn more about how MPS can help you save up to 30% on your printing costs click here.

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