How SMEs Can Simplify Document Processes and Boost Admin Productivity

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How SMEs Can Simplify Document Processes and Boost Admin Productivity

You may think that when employing semi-permanent, part time or casual staff, it will be more cost effective than running an office packed with full-time employees. This is partly true: it requires less paperwork and reduces HR overheads, and perhaps you can save some money with a smaller office space.

But employing semi-permanent or casual staff has its own set of operational and productivity challenges. Medical or dental practices, real estate agencies or child care facilities that see constant churn in their administrative staff have to constantly re-train new employees on their processes, and this can be a problem if processes are highly complex.

If you find your business in this position, here are some solutions to your most common issues:

Standardise, simplify and clearly document your processes

Irrespective of the nature of their job and how experienced they are, your new employees will have to undergo some basic training on how things get done within your company. Depending on the complexity of procedures, training can potentially take several days. While important, there are periods of lost productivity and operational down-time, costing you money. It is ideal, where possible, to make training and induction as time efficient as possible.

To make their transition into your organisation easier, you should make sure your company’s technology is up-to-date, efficient and easy to learn and use. Investing in better technology and devices, such as computers and multifunction printers, can make everyone’s life easier and help new employees learn and work more efficiently.

The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM315 Series features bright, colourful icons and intuitive ‘click-drag’ navigation for optimal ease-of-use. It allows staff to organise your most commonly used functions so they are easy to access. Casual and semi-permanent staff can make their daily work processes a breeze by creating their own custom ‘app’, which allows them to convert complex processes into a simplified command they can access with a click of a button. In just a few steps they have quick access to frequently used and complex functions without the need for ongoing training.

Automate and optimise repetitive tasks


We all know how frustrating it is to constantly switch between print and scanner settings, especially for tedious and repetitive tasks such as scanning and archiving invoices, changing device settings to account for different resolutions and grayscale, resizing, setting paper trays and saving to the correct location on the network or cloud.

Repetitive tasks that require copious amounts of manual labour are prone to human error, not to mention the time and energy that could be better spent driving your business forward.

The DocuPrint CM315 z takes complex, common tasks (scan, copy, email, fax) and simplifies them. The Smart@ Work One Touch feature allows staff to set up custom icons with your most used functions. Simply create a smart icon specific to your task, name it and with one touch the function is carried out automatically.

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