Scanners for schools


Scanners for schools

It would be easy to think of the modern-day student as needing only their laptop and an internet connection to thrive at school. But it would also be naïve to think that the internet is their only source of information gathering. What I’m getting at is… books are not dead!

Today’s student however, needs to get the information off the page and into their laptop. This is where using a regular flatbed scanner would be slow going. Lucky for us, Fujitsu has developed a true fit-for-purpose book scanner, ideal for the education sector.

This Fujitsu SV600 scanner certainly doesn’t look like any other scanner on the market and that’s because it does what no other scanner on the market can do.

The first thing you’ll notice is the lack of ADF, because the SV600 is primarily a book scanner. This makes it perfect for the education. Its ‘VI Technology’ generates smooth images even scanning from a distance.

The inbuilt ScanSnap software is pretty incredible too. It will flatten the curvature of a scanned book page to make it appear as if it was scanned through a regular paper feeder. It will remove your fingertips from an image if you were required to hold the pages down during a scan. It will automatically detect page turning allowing you to scan multiple pages continuously. And, it will even let you decide if you want your finished document to appear one or two side-by-side pages at a time as you scroll through – like a book – depending on your personal preference.

Scan thick documents with sticky notes.

Auto-crop several documents at once such as business cards or photos.

Save and share school projects.

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