Scanning Solutions to Help SMEs Better Manage Their Documents and Workflows


Scanning Solutions to Help SMEs Better Manage Their Documents and Workflows

Does your small business have trouble balancing physical, paper documents with the dream of going paperless? Although both physical documents and the age of digital documents have their own pros and cons, one of the biggest issues small businesses face is knowing how to easily connect the two. We’re here to let you in on a little secret: there is a simple solution!

Want to know what it is? By utilising an office scanner, you can help your small business save both money and time while also bridging the gap between physical documents and digital files. In this blog, we’re going to show you how scanning can help your small business better manage your documents and workflows.

Scanning streamlines document management 

Gone are the days where you spend half your morning searching for that one file you need for the big lunch-time meeting. Scanning allows digital documents to be stored in a central and easily accessible location that can be retrieved by anyone in the office. You can access any document with a few clicks, while also knowing that your documents are protected and secure.

Scanning helps you to quickly and easily find documents

Looking for that file from a year ago that your boss desperately needs like, yesterday? Save yourself time and a potential stink-eye from the boss and use the office scanner. By scanning your documents and turning them into digital files with simple indexing features, you can be confident you will find that missing document your boss needs within seconds.

Scanning can give you back your office space

Lost count of the number of bruises on your shins and arms from all the filing cabinets, full-to-the-brim storage rooms or cluttered work desks in your office? Scanning documents allows you to store all your files in one small, secure and compact space. When you convert your physical documents into digital ones and get rid of all the cabinets and wasted space in your office, you instantly make your workplace feel bigger and more organised. This also significantly helps improve office workflow. 

Scanning saves you both time and money

There’s no doubt that the prospect of scanning years’ worth of documents and files is a scary one. We know it’s not the ideal way to spend half of your already busy work day. However, the time it takes you to do so is regained quickly through increased office efficiency and employee productivity. It’s truly a win-win situation.

The one scanner for all your small business problems

If you’re looking for that one scanner that will better manage your documents, improve workflows and save you time and money, you can’t go past the DocuMate 3220. This next generation duplex scanner uses OneTouch software to streamline the scanning and storage process. It is the ideal scanner for small businesses to digitise, store and categorise important documents. It’s like your own personal organiser.

The DocuMate 3220 can easily support the scanning needs of the home office and small business. It includes powerful productivity software that features all the tools to help you better organise and use paper in your business. At the touch of a button, you can scan cheques, documents, business cards, credit cards, photos or thick card stock in a 50-sheet capacity feeder that creates clear electronic copies in a matter of seconds.

The DocuMate 3220 is not just a powerful scanning tool. It can also be used for: organisation, document archiving, backup, sharing documents by email or network, working with a group and reusing text from a printed document into your own electronic document without having to go through the laborious process of retyping.  There is almost no limit to the way the DocuMate 3220 will help you better manage your documents and workflows making your small business more efficient.

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