Kyocera business apps are powered by HyPAS™ (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), a Kyocera-developed software platform that expands your MFP’s core capabilities with simple touch-screen operations that address your unique workflow needs. Leveraging this technology, paper documents are cost-effectively routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive […]

How to address print and document management at your school

For IT and operational managers at schools, ensuring that the best systems and workflows are in place throughout the school can prove to be an ongoing challenge, as this encompasses logistics, waste resources, budgets and everything in between; not to mention the school’s printing. If printing isn’t managed efficiently, a school can experience an increase in […]

The hidden costs of MFPs

Anecdotal evidence shows that printing is actually the third biggest expense for organisations; just behind payroll and rent. It’s an interesting thought, especially when companies often spend so much time and effort trying to reduce costs across staffing and infrastructure; but the little old printing set-up often slips right under the radar. But let’s not […]

Back to School and Work: Choosing the Right Printer for Your Needs

Another year has come and gone and unfortunately, so have the wonderful summer holidays. We know, we feel your pain! Going back to school and work and back into routine can be tough, especially after weeks of doing nothing but eating, relaxing and being merry. While you’re probably wondering whether the kids need new school shoes […]