How to keep student’s attention in class with AV technology

The key to student success is engagement and attention, and implementing classroom technology can help make learning exciting. According to McGraw Hill’s 2017 Digital Study Trends Survey, 60 percent of students feel that digital learning technology has improved their grades, with a fifth saying it “significantly” improved their grades. In addition, college students have definitely moved away […]

The Difference Between Standard, Short Throw and UST Projectors

Source: Elite Screens Inc. This article addresses the main characteristics of Standard, Short Throw, and UST projectors as well as the materials that are most compatible with them. Before we start, let’s discuss throw distance since it is what sets these 3-projectors apart. Throw distance is the measured expanse that the light must travel from the […]

Which interactive projector is right?

Buying interactive technology can be a daunting task. When you are buying and testing potential interactive projectors, really put it through its paces by following this suggested test list. Run tests like show a colourful image that they are familiar with (i.e. their logo) are the projected colours as vibrant as they would expect? Show […]

Why you need Interactive Flat Panels in your school

  The first Interactive Whiteboards were installed in 2005 and growth accelerated quickly. The recent trend is for Interactive Flat Panels and they have just started to replace some of the early Interactive Whiteboards.”(4)  This data reflect the growing opportunity for this market now and for the future. The Growing Need for Smart Classrooms and […]