The Fuji Xerox Printers Christmas Gift Guide


The Fuji Xerox Printers Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, gifts are on everyone’s mind; something for our significant other, something for our parents, our grandparents, our children and, last, but not least, something for our dedicated employees. (On that note: did you know that the overwhelming majority of people say that they love their job when it entails creative and challenging tasks?)

So, this Christmas, why not offer your employees a gift that keeps on giving: help them eliminate repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on work that keeps them engaged and creative. Here are some innovative ways to make the working lives of your employees easier and more creative:

An Automated and Streamlined Work Flow With Smart@Work

The Smart@Work printer series from Fuji Xerox allows you to automate your workflow inside or outside your office, store documents, print at a later time, create personalised processes – all while making sure that your data is protected from malicious attacks.

What does this exactly mean for your employees? Briefly put: no more time wasted near the printer. They can send print commands from anywhere, not just within the office, and swoop in only when they need their documents. Plus, their files will always be stored securely in case they need to print again. Just imagine how much time this could save for your sales team that is always on the run or for office staff who need to print the same documents over and over again!

A Wireless A3 printer

We covered the numerous benefits of A3 printing in a previous post, so we won’t dwell too much on the way an A3 multifunction printer could make your business look more professional and more successful – our focus here is your employees.

Having an A3 wireless printer within your office could completely change the way your employees deliver an important presentation. Consider this: those detailed proposals with charts and graphs can be dynamic and captivating when printed on A3. Employees will be empowered to print a presentation they’re proud of, and deliver proposals with some real ‘wow’ factor. Consider the impact on potential new clients, and how this could drive your business forward in 2017.

Looking for the best A3 Printer for your business? Start here.

One Touch Access To The Cloud

When we designed this feature we did it with busy sales teams, remote employees and mobile teams in mind. We know that today’s workforce doesn’t need to commute to the office every day or be chained to their desks from 9 to 5, so we wanted to add an extra bit of flexibility to their schedule.

With Cloud capability your employees can gain quick access to files stored in the cloud and easily send print and scan commands. DropBox, Google Drive, and One Drive are all supported so that your employees waste no more time emailing each other and asking for that elusive report or presentation. With all the relevant documents easily accessible, they can focus on what really matters: helping your business move forward and developing relevant skills in the process.

Lean more about our Cloud-enabled devices

Step Up Your Game with Corporate Advantage

Want to really treat your employees this Christmas? Give them access to the best.

37% of small business staff lose up to two hours per week on printing related issues? That adds up to 100 hours each year, per staff member. For the typical Aussie employee, the lost productivity is maddening.

That’s where the Fuji Xerox Corporate Advantage Program steps in.

The Corporate Advantage program gives you priority access to servicing and support, along with complementary upgrades that keep your business moving forward and your employees focused on their work.

So if you are a company executive or work for a large corporate organisation, our Authorised Resellers are ready to discuss qualification criteria and the unique benefits of our Corporate Advantage program.

It could be the best gift you give your employees this Christmas.

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