What Innovative Features are Changing the Game in Classroom Display Technology?


What Innovative Features are Changing the Game in Classroom Display Technology?

You’ve identified the need for a feature-rich interactive solution in your classroom. It’s absolutely the best way to compete with dwindling attention spans and keep students engaged and interested in your lessons.

So what features should you be looking for, exactly?

High Resolution
When you demand 4K Resolution, you can be sure you’re delivering an exceptional viewing experience that will both excite and intrigue your students. The innovative technology of 4K guarantees crisp, clear and realistic images every time you turn on the screen, meaning that pictures and text alike will show up with stunning clarity and outstanding colors.

Imagine the potential this entails for classes like biology and engineering, where an incredible amount of detail is paramount to displaying dissections, microscopic images and the intricate inner-workings of machines.

Healthy and Ergonomic Operation
You’ll want to search for an interactive display that takes into account the health and wellness of both students and educators. Considering technology that thoughtfully helps prevent injury and reduce the spread of illnesses is vital to maintaining a well-run classroom.

Ergonomic usage is also important if you want to ensure efficiency and comfort within your educational environment. It’s time to relax with technology that considers the needs of you and your students and takes care of problems before they even arise.

Exceptional Software Interactivity
There’s nothing worse than discovering that a new piece of technology doesn’t have the educational installations that you need if you want to make your lessons as engaging and exciting as possible for the students in your classroom.

Most people forget to think about software as an important part of the puzzle because they’re focusing so much on hardware interactivity. But in reality, software can have a major impact on your lessons and is just as critical as the hardware. You need to look for software that will increase the effectiveness of your teaching and get your students more excited about the learning process.

Look for features such as educational games, handwriting technology and the ability to zoom and annotate on projected images and text. Having the option for things like these will intrigue your students and ultimately propel your lessons to higher levels.

Inclusive Solutions for the Entire Class
Making education inclusive is one of the most important things you can do. You need to create an environment in which all students in a classroom can participate. Make sure you have a screen that’s large enough to accommodate numbers of students that may come up to the board, as well as a sufficient number of touch points for a big group.

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