Why Mobile and Wireless Printing Should be a Priority for Your Business


Why Mobile and Wireless Printing Should be a Priority for Your Business

You’ve probably heard the term ‘digital age’ thrown about a lot lately. And chances are, you’re probably tired of hearing about it too. You’re prepared, right? Your company and its employees are ready for a new era of business and development, right? Well, maybe not.

According to the annual Deloitte report, less than 10 per cent of Australian companies are prepared for the future of business in a digital age. The report also found that 85 per cent of Australian HR professionals claim their top priority is to create a better working experience for its employees. Of course, a company cannot succeed without happy employees, yet it also cannot succeed without some preparation for the future.

Interestingly, just 9 percent of companies in Australia understand how to build a future-ready company – one that is ready to handle the changes a digital age filled with AI and robotics brings. So what about the other 91 per cent? There are countless ways to help your company prepare for the digital age, and one of the easiest and most effective ways is to invest in mobile and wireless printing.

What’s so good about mobile and wireless printing?

Wireless printing at its most basic means you can print from an electronic device without physically having to connect a wire to the printer. All you need to do is set up your printer, connect to Wi-Fi and print.

Mobile and wireless printing is an incredibly innovative technology that allows you and your employees to work in an itinerant and flexible manner – essential criteria for succeeding in the digital era. You and your staff can easily and quickly access the powerful features of the printer, turning digital files on a small screen into full colour prints, or turn printed documents into digital files by scanning.

Countless small to medium sized business have found the flexibility of mobile and wireless printing a huge competitive advantage in the workplace. If your business is reliant on you or your staff travelling, wireless printers offer the advantage of not having to worry about running or routing cables. It also provides superior flexibility with direct mobile connections, cloud printing and direct app access.


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The future begins now

The digital age is approaching rapidly, and if your business is not prepared, you will fall behind. Investing in mobile and wireless printing isn’t only a smart business option, it’s a necessity. Wireless printing allows several people to connect to a printer at one time, from just about anywhere. And, since statistics show business are concerned about the happiness of their employees, investing in wireless printing hits two birds with one stone. Your staff can print from anywhere at any time without having to worrying about printer drivers or needing to know its IP address or network location. It almost sounds too good to be true – but trust us, it’s real and it’s available now.

The benefits of mobile and wireless printing 

  1. Mobile business

Even in our current day and age, more than half of Australian workers regularly work away from the office. An ‘office’ is longer the average standard, which is why your business needs to be prepared for mobile employment. Imagine the productivity your business could have if your employees didn’t have to waste time transitioning work from their mobile device to a PC for printing purposes?

  1. Faster printing

Carrying on from the point above, wireless printing is exceptionally more productive than traditional printing. With the amount of emails, documents and online information we go through on our mobiles, it becomes much easier for managers, mobile employees and contractors to wirelessly print from wherever they may be working – and at a faster rate too. There’s no need to waste time by connecting cables and installing hardware et cetera.

  1. Flexible connections

An incredible benefit of mobile and wireless printing is the flexible connection options. Using traditional USB and wired Ethernet connectivity allows you to still get urgent print jobs done if you lose Wi-Fi connectivity. Or, if you often use your mobile, Wi-Fi Direct allows you to directly connect to the wireless printer by peer-to-peer connection so you can print without a wireless access point or router.

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