Working Towards or Have a Remote Workforce? Why You’ll Need Wireless and Remote Printing


Working Towards or Have a Remote Workforce? Why You’ll Need Wireless and Remote Printing

Did you know that one in three Australian workers now regularly work from home? Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that the number of employed people who work from home has significantly grown from 20 per cent of the entire labour force to 30 per cent in the last 15 years. With a substantial amount of Australian employees working outside the office – a trend that is only likely to grow – it is now more important than ever for organisations to think about investing in a printing device that integrates with the changing landscape of the Australian workforce. Furthermore, according to the annual Deloitte report, less than 10 per cent of Australian companies are ready for the future of business in a digital age. With new technologies and innovations popping up left right and centre, it is vital that Australian SMEs are prepared for the future of business. And, an easy way to ensure your company is ready for the future is introducing wireless and mobile printing. Below we’ve gathered up some of our best articles on the importance of integrating wireless and mobile printing to ensure the current and future success of your business.

If You’re Working Towards a Remote Workforce, Wireless and Mobile Printing is Essential

At its most basic, wireless printing means you are able to print from an electronic device without having to physically connect a wire to a printer. You just need to set up your printer, connect to Wi-Fi and print. Simple! The thing is, mobile and wireless printing is an incredibly powerful technology that allows you and your employees to work in a flexible way, something that is essential for succeeding in the digital era. It allows you and your staff to easily access the powerful features of your printer, without having to be in the office. Many SMEs have found the flexibility of mobile and wireless printing to be a massive competitive advantage in the workplace. If you’re building a remote workforce or your business relies on you or your staff travelling a lot, wireless printers provide the benefit of not having to worry about running or routing cables. Furthermore, it offers greater flexibility with direct mobile connections, cloud printing and direct app access. Read more on why wireless and remote printing should be a priority for your remote workforce.

The Printer is Still an Essential Office Device, Even with a Remote Workforce

Whether you’re working towards building a remote workforce or only a few of your staff work remotely, the office printer is still an essential device. The truth is, even though much of today’s business is carried out online, there are still certain essentials that need to be carried out in the tangible world. Important paperwork such as contracts and invoices still need to be printed, brochures, presentations, business plans and more all need to be printed. The good news is that the latest printing technology makes printing fast, more user-friendly and simpler than ever before, meaning even employees who are working on the road or from home can connect to the office printer. How? Through NFC technology, which stands for Near Field Communication. By using NFC, employees can send a print job from an NFC-enabled device to the office printer wherever they are. Read more about why the printer is still an essential office device here.

The Future is Mobile

Cloud technology has changed the way we conduct business. With 58% of the global workforce regularly working away from the office, this means having the ability to access and print documents directly from employees’ smart devices is essential to the future of an efficient and productive office. That’s why many of our printers and multifunction devices at Fuji Xerox Printers are Wi-Fi Direct Enabled, which allows devices to connect and easily printing without requiring a wireless access point. Not only that, but AirPrint and Google Cloud Print allows employees to directly print from their smart devices without needing to download apps or install print drivers. So if the future is mobile, why do you even need an office printer? Click here to read why.

Mobile and Wireless Printing Can Boost Employee Morale

Today’s office is no longer a simple four wall enclosure with desks, chairs, computers and maybe a nice pot plant. The modern office can be anything and anywhere – from a home, to a local coffee shop to even the inside of an airplane. Today’s office has evolved to meet the growing demand for people to work at a time that fits in with their lifestyle and other commitments. That is why it’s vital your business is ready for mobile employment. Your employees will be much happier and more productive being able to work on their own time and their own terms. They will also be more productive by not having to waste time transitioning work from their mobile device to a computer whenever they need to print. Read more about how your printer can do more for your remote workforce than just print, scan, copy and fax.

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