Despite its role in preparing young people to move society and technology forward, the education industry has remained ironically resistant to change. Until recently, most educational processes have remained virtually unchanged for decades or longer. However, the digital revolution hasn’t forgotten education – schools and colleges have finally started introducing drastic changes, and in the […]

How to identify and respond to a data breach

Data breaches can result in significant costs to an organisation – according to Ponemon Institute’s ‘2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Australia’, the average total cost of a data breach was $2.51 million. But the costs to the individual whose personal information has been intercepted can be devastating, with consequences ranging from financial fraud and identity […]

11 Things Ultra-Productive People Do Differently

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge—there are only 24 hours in a day. Yet some people seem to have twice the time; they have an uncanny ability to get things done. Even when juggling multiple projects, they reach their goals without fail. Time is really the only capital that any […]

How sustainable is in-house print management?

Every business worth its salt aims to be more sustainable, not just in terms of being more environmentally friendly, but also in terms of reducing costs and overheads. Often the two go hand in hand, with efforts to be more eco-friendly also having a marked positive effect on a company’s bottom line. Print management plays a […]

Data Security Mistakes Small Businesses Need to Avoid

Is your company doing all it can to protect itself against cyber threats? Here are some of the most common data security mistakes made by small businesses. Relying on outdated technology – Time doesn’t stand still when it comes to technology. No matter how effective a piece of equipment or version of software may be, it’s […]

The Ultimate Digital Solutions to Help Keep Your Important Documents Secure

With great technology comes great responsibility. This is especially true in the increasingly digital and online world we live in. These days, our whole lives are online – from our personal social media pages and the information we store in the Cloud, to our work lives – our confidential documents, our sensitive client information and […]

The Best Printer (Device) To Enable Small Business To Grow

Growing a small business is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication, a lot of coffee and plenty of late nights at the office. At Fuji Xerox Printers, we work tirelessly to help small businesses succeed. We aim to make life easier for the business owners who work day and night to make their dreams […]

Study Reveals Office Employees Prefer Reading on Paper Than on Screen

There is no doubt that the world we live in is becoming increasingly technological. From phones that can be unlocked by our fingerprints, to interactive books, to robots that exhibit uncanny human-like qualities. And that’s just the start. Who knows where the world will be in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time. Will cars fly? […]

3 Simple Ways Small Business Can Reduce and Control Printing Costs

Small businesses are often looking for ways to reduce and control their costs, and for many, a major concern is the cost of printing. In fact, this is the case for 22% of small businesses who are worried about the cost of office printing (Fuji Xerox Printers 2016 Customer Insights Survey). The truth is, printing […]