How to secure your workplace’s mobile devices

Australia has well and truly embraced mobile devices, with smartphone penetration expected to exceed 90% by the end of this year. It’s no surprise, therefore, that they are also a key element of the modern Australian workplace – indeed, to many employees they are just as crucial, if not more so, than their desktops. But while mobile devices bring […]

The evolution of managed print services (MPS): yesterday, today and tomorrow

The global managed print services (MPS) market continues to go from strength to strength, forecasted to rise from $26.18 billion in 2015 to $94.97 billion by 2024. While large enterprises account for the leading share in the overall market, the adoption of MPS by small- and medium-sized businesses continues to rise, as more people realise the benefits that MPS […]

The State of Document Management in Education 2017/18

Following the 2017 Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA) conference, Fuji Xerox sent a survey to conference attendees asking for feedback on the state of document management in private education. The results provide some interesting insights into the challenges and trends being felt by schools and business managers. When asked to identify the top administration […]

On-premise, Cloud, or Hybrid: Which ECM is right for you?

As a way of capturing, managing, storing and delivering content and documents, an enterprise content management system (ECM) can be worth its weight in organisational gold. Traditionally, document and content management was done using an on-premise ECM, but the emergence of cloud technologies expands the ECM offering to cloud or hybrid, combining the best of […]


Kyocera business apps are powered by HyPAS™ (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), a Kyocera-developed software platform that expands your MFP’s core capabilities with simple touch-screen operations that address your unique workflow needs. Leveraging this technology, paper documents are cost-effectively routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive […]

How to address print and document management at your school

For IT and operational managers at schools, ensuring that the best systems and workflows are in place throughout the school can prove to be an ongoing challenge, as this encompasses logistics, waste resources, budgets and everything in between; not to mention the school’s printing. If printing isn’t managed efficiently, a school can experience an increase in […]

The hidden costs of centralised printing

When looking at what kind of corporate print solution to roll out, many large companies with multiple departments, would instinctively lean towards choosing a few all-rounder multi-function printers in centralised positions around the various floors or departments. This is frequently based on the assumption that this approach is the most cost effective in providing the […]

KYOCERA Managed Document Services

KYOCERA MDS Offering a unique combination of long experience and unrivalled expertise, KYOCERA is a world-leading supplier of print and document solutions to the public and private sector. Our ability to deliver reliable, cost-saving, technology-led solutions, fully tailored to the needs of the user, have earned us a global reputation for maximising productivity and sustainability […]

Key challenges and requirements for printers in education

Today’s schools and universities are under pressure to meet tough standards while facing budget constraints. At the same time, teachers and students want to embrace new technology while studies show that the use of colour increases learning and participation. As device flexibility and 24/7 connectivity becomes part of daily life, cost-effective digital printing, document management […]