Is technology the future of education?

A collaboration between ABC Education and Deakin Motion.Lab conveys how technology benefits students’ learning, and engages them in the classroom. Fist published April 2018 With technology advancing rapidly in today’s society, it was only a matter of time until schools began integrating it into classrooms. So much so, that terms like ‘digital literacy’ and ‘digital […]

The evolution of managed print services (MPS): yesterday, today and tomorrow

The global managed print services (MPS) market continues to go from strength to strength, forecasted to rise from $26.18 billion in 2015 to $94.97 billion by 2024. While large enterprises account for the leading share in the overall market, the adoption of MPS by small- and medium-sized businesses continues to rise, as more people realise the benefits that MPS […]

How your SMB could benefit from managed print services

Your print operations have a significant impact on your business. In most cases, printing could be the third biggest expense, behind payroll and rent. This is why if left unmaintained, you could be wasting alot of time and money on inefficient print devices, systems and processes. Your printers and multifunction devices (MFDs) could be weighing your business […]

Data integrity: What is it, and how can you ensure it?

‘Data integrity’ is a funny term – it sounds a bit like a character trait; there’s data with integrity, and then there’s malicious data that you just can’t trust. And really, that’s what it boils down to: how accurate and trustworthy is your data? It’s important to distinguish ‘data integrity’ from ‘data security’. While data […]

The importance of end-to-end security for print management

How well do you understand the security of your print jobs? I’m not just talking about the security protecting your print server – I mean the actual printing process itself, from start to finish. In other words, the end-to-end security of print jobs. NEWS FLASH! Print management isn’t particularly glamorous, security-wise I’d wager that print […]