How one government school increased efficiency with mobile printing

Education has traditionally been an industry synonymous with manual processes and paper-based systems, so having an outdated printing solution can quickly eat into time, budgets and resources, not to mention exposing a business to increased security risks. That’s why many educational institutions are using multifunction devices (MFDs) and mobile printing – the process of sending data to a printer via a […]

What you can (and should) expect from your managed print services provider

If you’re in the market for managed print services (MPS), you’re probably already aware of the benefits of partnering with a professional printing provider. A good MPS provider doesn’t just help your business achieve better productivity and efficiency, it can also help you improve your network security, and get the most out of your printing devices. But with so many printing […]

How artificial intelligence is revolutionising enterprise content management

With technological advances, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, we have more data at our fingertips than ever before. This presents huge opportunities for businesses that can capitalise on this data – but it also presents big challenges in terms of how businesses collect, process and store information. And these challenges […]

Innovation in managing student spaces

In our previous blog post on Artificial Intelligence (AI), we discussed AI being used to place unique patterns in a document to track copyright. This was just one example of the type of innovation Fuji Xerox is working on that could make the lives of teachers and school administrators easier. At Fuji Xerox’s laboratory in Palo Alto (PAL) […]

Data integrity: What is it, and how can you ensure it?

‘Data integrity’ is a funny term – it sounds a bit like a character trait; there’s data with integrity, and then there’s malicious data that you just can’t trust. And really, that’s what it boils down to: how accurate and trustworthy is your data? It’s important to distinguish ‘data integrity’ from ‘data security’. While data […]

Turning paper into digital documents in schools

Whilst many schools are transforming their manual processes to benefit from the operational efficiencies that digital offers, many have realised that some paper documents are not going away any time soon.  In many situations, hard copy documents of all types are still the primary trusted record. While you may still need to create hard copy […]

The State of Document Management in Education 2017/18

Following the 2017 Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA) conference, Fuji Xerox sent a survey to conference attendees asking for feedback on the state of document management in private education. The results provide some interesting insights into the challenges and trends being felt by schools and business managers. When asked to identify the top administration […]

On-premise, Cloud, or Hybrid: Which ECM is right for you?

As a way of capturing, managing, storing and delivering content and documents, an enterprise content management system (ECM) can be worth its weight in organisational gold. Traditionally, document and content management was done using an on-premise ECM, but the emergence of cloud technologies expands the ECM offering to cloud or hybrid, combining the best of […]

How to get started with scanning

If like many of us, you hear people of talk of scanning and your eyes glaze over, you haven’t cottoned on to the fact that every business you can think of needs a scanning solution. The first thing you need to understand is what are the different types of scanners and who uses them. Sure, […]